Also known as Volcanic Glass, Obsidian is said to help you find your inner strength and channel your intuition. A powerful healing crystal that looks to ward off negative energy and strengthen your root Chakra.

Obsidian is a natural, volcanic glass. It is a powerful crystal for protection, helping to clear the buildup of psychic smog within your aura. A bodyguard to your soul, the Obsidian stone also protects you from shadow traits -- fear, anxiety, addiction, and anger by acting as a mirror to your inner self. Black Obsidian also resonates with the root chakra as it aids with grounding and connecting to the Earth.


  • Go deep within yourself

  • Bring pleasure and enjoyment to your life

  • Make the unconscious conscious

  • Get in touch with buried issues before they explode

  • Clear old energy/past lovers from the womb space


Pi Xiu is also known as Pi Yao. This is a powerful Chinese talisman to bring riches into the home or workplace. 
Perhaps even more important is the notion that this creature will not permit wealth to leave the home or workplace.
Pi Xiu is especially popular among business people, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money.


    Should I wear it on my left hand or right hand?

    Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, the hand that you use to write. 


    Where should I place it when I am not wearing it?

    When you are sleeping, bathing or any other situation that you are not wearing it, you should place it in the living room, with the head facing towards the main door. Do not place it in your bedroom.


      Main Function: Attract Wealth, Abundance, Ward Off Evil Spirit, Bring Good Luck



      • Item Type: Bracelet
      • Bead Size: 10mm
      • Gender: Unisex
      • Material: Natural Obsidian Stone


      Package Inclusion:

      • 1 x Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet



      Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet

      • Take off bracelet before these activities, do not bathe with bracelet, do not let anyone touch the bracelet, do not leave bracelet on while being intimate.

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